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34 Years In The Making: Part 2

What Happened was we Sold our home. Well you can imagine that I was not at all happy to see that SOLD sticker on the sign. Upon walking in the back door I saw my mom with a huge smile on her face standing in the kitchen. “Isn’t this exciting Billy?” Heck no I thought,…


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American Realty Network Inc. works for its customers. Whether you are buying or selling your first or second home, we are eager to help. Our passionate group of Realtors walk you through each step to ensure you reach your desired outcome.

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You Earned It. You Keep It.

Yes, you read that right. Realtors do the work, put in the hours, so why shouldn't they get all the reward? ARNI Agents take home 100% of the commission. It's yours, you deserve it. Are you asking yourself where you can sign up, because if not, you should be.

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Based in Des Plaines, Ill. we pride ourselves on our ability to market our local communities. It is our goal to improve the area around us, while at the same time provide a quality service. If you are looking for honest, straight forward advice, then ARNI is for you.

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