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This article is the first in many about American Realty Network Inc.’s history. Check back on a weekly basis to read more about how this company came to be.

Let’s Start From The Beginning

30 years ago or so my father’s wish was to develop a Real Estate company that served both the consumer and the agent. Back then being the “small fish” in a big pond was truly challenging, that went for any company competing with “the big guys” back then. The simple desire was to bring to the consumer the facts as they pertained to selling real estate, and teaching the agents on how to bring this to the consumer without, what he called “Foo Foo Dust” commonly known today as BS.

The wish of this office smoldered slowly as consumers continued to buy into the big boys’ ideas and their Foo Foo Dust. And sure why not who doesn’t mind seeing pictures of their home in all the papers, be it local or major publications. They could tell all their friends “hey did you see my home in the ____?” or hey stop by and I’ll give you a nice color brochure just in case you know of someone who wants my home etc. Sure ads were run and brochures handed out, but for many no sale.

The thought back then that he had was simple “Price” as it relates to the properties location, economic conditions, current competition and its condition. Was he a genius? No he was just stating the facts as taught to him. However many agents get into this business and soon follow what corporate wants “signs on the lawn” and lots of them. So if you have to tell the consumer something they want to hear just to get the sign in the lawn, then do it.

So here we are today, his son active in the business for 17 years, and now I wish to rekindle the flame and bring to both the consumer and agent a Real Estate office whose time has come. A great part of the business is still the same, what has changed is the way we all receive and digest the information. In blogs to come I will touch on different topics, stories, and situations. I will even take questions current and from the past as they relate to real estate. We will even throw in community topics and national ones as well. However the next blog will be a story on what happened 34 years ago and set the stage for who ARNI is today.

Check back next week for more on how American Realty Network Inc. came to be

Bill Ehlers
Author: Bill Ehlers