34 Years In The Making

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The year is 1979 and a handful of my high school buddies parents are trying to sell their homes. Some of these homes have been on the market for 8 months of more. Sunday night my parents announced at dinner that we are moving, between my brother, sister, and I there were mixed feelings, we love the home we grew up in. Our parents listened to our concerns and thoughts then went on to describe the new house they bought and how much we would all learn to love it. After mom and dad’s description of the house and the fact we were all staying in the same school districts my brother sister and I soon calmed down.

Later that night while watching TV with my dad I asked “dad how are we going to sell ours? Mark K. parents have been trying to sell theirs for a year and John M. parents for about the same”. As always my dad responded calmly “don’t worry we’ll be in our new home by the start of the school year”. Going to bed that night I didn’t think too much about it other than “ya right, we’ll see”.

Tuesday night rolled around and after dinner some guy showed up that I had seen around town it was Joe M. from the local real estate office that had been in Morton Grove for as long as I could remember. Joe’s office signs were on the lawns of my two buddies homes along with others in the town. My dad and Joe chatted for a bit and I can remember even a bit of disagreement between the two. After the agent left my mom asked “so George what do you think?” his response was calm and quick “I don’t think that guy knows what he’s talking about, he’s not looking at the whole picture”. So they decided to speak with someone else.

Thursday after dinner another gentleman stopped by who I’ve never seen before. He and my dad sat at the table for a good period of time. The conversation had a more positive tone from what I could remember. I saw paperwork being pushed around and my mom and dad signing documents. After the agent left I asked my dad “who was that guy?” he replied “an agent that was referred to me from Chicago”. That night again I thought “ya we’ll see how that works, all the way from Chicago?” A sign went in the lawn Friday afternoon; people were looking at our home all day Saturday and Sunday. By Sunday evening after baseball I came home to see a SOLD sticker on the sign. Crap I thought what just happened? To be continued…..

Bill Ehlers
Author: Bill Ehlers