34 Years In The Making: Part 2

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What Happened was we Sold our home. Well you can imagine that I was not at all happy to see that SOLD sticker on the sign. Upon walking in the back door I saw my mom with a huge smile on her face standing in the kitchen. “Isn’t this exciting Billy?” Heck no I thought, this was the home I was born in and raised in, I certainly didn’t feel like giving it up.

The following weeks went by fast and at times very upsetting for me before we moved into the new home. On many of occasions I was hassled by my friend’s parents. Asking or saying “what did your father do?” “He ruined the market by selling so fast”, “he gave his house away and now ruined ours” these and many other statements and comments that I really didn’t understand as a 17 year old kid.

As the weeks went on and the beginning of the school year started I noticed how happy my mom was in our new home. I to have to admit it was much nicer and roomier. I still had all my old friends and nothing had changed for me. The joy in my mom’s face every day was such a pleasure to see. It all worked out (my father still lives there today).

Another strange thing happened as well. My friend’s parents finally SHUT their mouths. As the school year began they, along with almost every other home in our high school district had been lowering their home prices. Then homes similar to my mom & dads finally started to sell, for close to or below what my parents’ home sold for. Even my two friends parents finally sold theirs, one for a little less and the other for a couple thousand more.

Being a 17 year old kid I didn’t pay much attention to the whole thing at the time. However that period in time had stuck in my head for many years, particularly the process of our home sale. As I grew up and started listening to or paying attention to Real Estate and life a little more, I kept asking myself “geez what the heck did happen back in high school with our home sale? You see as a young adult I started to get solicited from Realtors to buy R.E. and some other friends and family members to were buying/selling. I would hear all these marketing terms, times, prices and hoopla.

By this time my father had left IBM after 30 years and he himself had opened up a small Real Estate office, not only serving people locally, but all over the state (if possible with the numbers). In my 30’s (sometime early 90’s) at this point I finally asked my dad “hey pops what happen back on Central street when we sold, and why were you and that agent Joe arguing? Why did you use that other guy that Nobody knew?………. to be continued.

Bill Ehlers
Author: Bill Ehlers