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The Best place to learn about Real Estate is out in the field. At ARNI Realty Inc. we are much more than just an office. Our experienced brokers offer free one-on-one scheduled coaching sessions for agents of all experience levels. We find that when listening to an agent one on one we are better able to assist them in applying their past experiences and own abilities to today’s ever changing market.

ARNI Realty Inc. or ARNI, is a growing Real Estate organization that was founded and developed by Real Estate Agent, Bill Ehlers, with the greater good of the real estate industry in mind. The ARNI concept was founded on the basic principle that each member agent should be given a chance to thrive within a nurturing environment that puts ethics, integrity and the simple truth into every deal. With this in mind, ARNI was born and adopted the strong belief that as a member agent, “You Deserve The Most for Your Efforts – 100%”. With that, we believe we have developed the most competitive and beneficial compensation plan in the industry. A simple program that allows each ARNI agent to earn and keep 100% (80/20 also available) of the office commissions while offering each a rock-solid platform of support and continued learning not found in the traditional real estate office setting. And as we grow together and leverage our collective 100+ years of experience, passion, research and drive, ARNI will serve to benefit positive outcomes for families across the greater Chicagoland region for decades to come.

In two short years ARNI has ranked in the top 10% in closed transactions in the six county area surrounding Chicagoland (MRED system with 4098 registered offices). Currently agent membership exceeds 90+ agents.

Why ARNI Realty Inc.

Why choose ARNI?

It’s simple, you will clearly earn more. Banking on 100% of their hard-earned commissions is why 90+ real estate agents call ARNI Realty Inc. home.

Relying on 18 years of industry experience and an analytical approach, Bill has constantly reviewed the data and crunched the numbers to come to the conclusion, “You Don’t have to just be the ‘Neighborhood Agent’ to be successful in Real Estate”. We will show you how!

For New Licensees joining the ARNI team, we will help nurture your career and guarantee one-on-one broker support. We will share real-world, on-the-job knowledge as we mentor you toward success and will help you navigate through the beginning stages of your Real Estate Career.

For the Seasoned Real Estate Pro, we believe you should truly appreciate the freedom to earn what you deserve…100% of your commissions! Our program will do just that while providing expert advice and support whenever needed.

ARNI Is Truly Your Business

And So The Story Goes

Most real estate companies, large and small, work along the principle of promising all kinds of support including lead-generating systems, fancy brochures and advanced marketing programs (also called cold calling, door knocking, or mailings). And, yes, when all is said and done, sales are made. But, of course, keep throwing enough stuff against a wall and something is bound to stick. What the mainstream real estate companies haven’t told anyone is they rely on their own intense studies that prove that almost any agent – any agent who can breathe – was good for two to five transactions a year. As a result the business model evolved to what it is today. Collect as many agents as possible in an office, offer almost all of them a 50/50 commission and eventually they will bring two to five of their friends, relatives or a referral from mom and dad into the office for business and 50% goes to the house.

ARNI exists because after reviewing Bill’s first year as an agent, 83% of the business he brought in was a direct friend, relative or a referral from a friend or a relative. It didn’t take long before realizing how that book of business was built…“On Trust”. Bill’s clients came for Bill’s knowledge, expertise and ability to get the job done. Not the agency he worked for or because of the sign on the door.

After 17 years of serving under the Big Balloon, Bill opened ARNI, taking his referral network and an agent team he pledges to “Give back to the agents, All They Deserve”…100%.

And Why?…It’s simple. It’s Truly Your Business.

ARNI Realty Inc. has made it its mission to help Real Estate Agents reach their potential, but we know each individual learns in different ways. That’s why we offer a variety of support.

Learn Your Way

Net Groups

Net Groups-Broker Involved

At ARNI we believe that the agents deserve all the credit and that means all the reward. The numbers don’t lie. An agent representing ARNI Realty Inc. earns more than that of an agent working for a big box agency. The charts are based off of a $5,000 commission payout. Notice a difference?

Where You're At Now

Commission Split

Commission Payout $5,000

Broker Collects $2,000 (40%)

Agents Collects $3,000 (60%)

Additional fees Listing-$375, Franchise-$250, Management-$150, etc.

NET to agent $2,500

Where You Should Be

Commission Split

Commission Payout $5,000

Broker Collects $195
Transaction Action Fee

Agents Collects $4,805 (100%)

Additional fees None

NET to agent $4,805

Sign up with ARNI Realty today and start earning what you deserve. Just for signing up, each agent will receive 250 free ARNI business cards. Also, pay for a 1 year membership in advance and receive 1 month free.

100% Plan

$29 per month

$151 E&O insurance per year

$75 setup fee

$25 Transfer fee to State of Illinois

$195 per transaction

$5 per month for e-signature, CRM, and digital transaction management

80/20 Split Program

$11.95 per month

$151 E&O Insurance per year

$75 setup fee

$25 Transfer fee to State of Illinois

No transaction fee

$5 per month for e-signature, CRM, and digital transaction management

We provide you with the tools you need to do business anywhere. Here are some of the features and functions RBO offers:

Transaction Management


Commission Tracking & Forecasting

The Market has changed, have you? Join today and start learning and earning more with ARNI.
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